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Lactal Balance gel package
  • Lactal Balance gel package

Lactal Balans for irritated vagina gel 10x5 ml

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Lactal Balance lactic acid gel effectively restores and preserves the natural balance of the genital area.


Lactal Balans gel is used in smelly discharges and irritation of the genital area as a cure to restore the pH to normal level.

When can you use Lactal Balans?
Lactal Balans contains a patented compound with lactic acid that lowers the pH to normal level. The balance is restored and the bad smell disappears. Lactal Balans also contains glycol gene, which nourishes and facilitates the growth of new lactic acid bacteria. Lactal Balans is thus double-acting. An environment with a normal pH and availability of glycogen ensures the regrowth of the protective lactic acid bacteria. The natural balance is thus restored.

When should Lactal Balance not be used?
Lactal Balance gel should not be used in case of itching or pain of the genital area. If the symptoms do not stop after treatment, contact your doctor. Blood-mixed discharges and discharges in the transitional age should also be checked by a doctor.

Lactal Balans should be avoided when trying to conceive as Lactal Balans has a low pH and may impair the environment of the sperm.

Use of Lactal Balans during pregnancy
Lactal Balance can be used during pregnancy. If you use Lactal Balance when pregnant, be extra careful when introducing the applicator.

Content Lactal Balance Gel

Propylene glycol consistency sensor. Solvents. Has a certain antifungal effect
Glycogen nourishes and facilitates the growth of new lactic acid bacteria.
Lactic acid lowers the pH of the genital area
Sodium lactate pH regulator, lactic acid, excipient
Methylhydroxipropylcellulose consistency sensor, excipient


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