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Viruseptin nose spray against cold bottle
  • Viruseptin nose spray against cold bottle

Viruseptin nose spray against cold 20 ml

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Viruseptin nasal spray is a spray that can prevent and relieve colds and flu-like symptoms.


Viruseptin® nasal spray is a medical device containing Carragelose® derived from red algae. It can be used in colds and flu-like symptoms caused by viruses. In addition, viruseptin® nasal spray can be used as a hydration of the nasal mucosa. Viruseptin® nasal spray can form a protective barrier against cold viruses. A common cold and flu-like symptoms are caused by a variety of viruses. Carragelose® envelops the non-specific cold virus and can prevent it from attaching to the mucous membrane. As a result, the propagation and spread of viruses that cause respiratory infection may be reduced.

Viruseptin® nasal spray form a moisturizing protective film on the nasal mucosa and can act as a physical barrier against external influences. The physiological moisture film can help the body's natural defenses against cold viruses. Viruseptin® nasal spray contains no preservatives. A sterile filter ensures the sterility of the solution even after repeated use. Viruseptin® nasal spray has no decongestant effect.


For use by adults and children over 1 year of age.

For the first sign of flu-like symptoms (e.g. sore throat, tingling or runny nose, etc.m.), a spray dose should be given at least 3 times daily in each nostril. Treatment should be started as early as possible after the first cold symptoms and continue until symptoms have subsided. If fever develops or no improvement occurs after 1 week of treatment, consult your doctor. For the hydration of a dry nasal mucosa, a few

Spray doses are given in the nose several times a day as needed.

Substances: Viruseptin® nasal spray is a clear, colorless, viscous solution without smell. 1 ml of the solution contains 1.2 mg of iota carrageenan( ), 0.4 mg of kappa carrageenan, sodium chloride and purified water.


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